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My husband Tom worked for your dad at the Wooden Spoons circa What a great guy! He learned so much from him. I remember cream of zucchini soup was a fave.

Great memories! We used to visit and have a coffee, it was just like I like, homey, comfortable and friendly with great food. Please tell him hello from Ross. And what about the onion rings at The Ringside? We lived in an apartment in Milwaukie. Could you be his daughter? I live in Lake Tahoe but come to Portland. Tell your dad jerry jones says hello. I was his produce guy and had many great nights in his place. It was one of my most fondly remembered jobs.

Please pass on my regards. Hey there Bob! We were both big guys with big dreams. I have fond memories of those days. I lived next door to Tim and Jane in Milwaukie.

Was there the day his 2nd daughter was born. I had a telescope. The night before we were looking at Mars. It was particularly bright. They almost named her Mars, because it was so memorable to Jane. My now ex husband and I went there one time. Loved our meal. Spent my first day shucking oysters—over of them! We would dine, alfresco in their small herb garden. That was before they hit the big time. Worked for them for ten or more years, part-time. I used to have a fettucine with white sauce—not alfredo but close and incredible grated cheese.

It was gone one day before I could ask for their recipe. So many great restaurants gone by the wayside. Tostado with beef and a huge pile of lettuce on top. Like 3 in high and the size of a dinner plate. Salsa on the very top. I miss those tostados when I get hungry for Mexican food. I worked for Eddie Mays for over 10 years in several of his restaurants. Have not found a Mexican restaurant like that in the time since. We also loved going to a restaurant next door to the bank—the Heathman?

Sky-high pieces of strawberry pie that were delicious. And the Fish Grotto. Long finger size pieces of delicious fish and garlic bread that had no comparison. Things were so simple and delicious then.

I loved Piccolo Mondo. Someone mentioned Yaws. Loved the Tootsie Roll cop and the burgers. And the Encore bar? I remember it was open for late night dinner. And some of us were taken there after a show. I just remember being awed by the place. It was awesome to see it change from a place to have lunch and then at 2pm everything changed to white tablecloths and candles.

Prudi Harrison. Do you have the menu for Uncle Chen? Can you describe the soup my husband is trying to remember… it was a broth and served in a wooden bowl or cup? Just an aside there is no place called johns landing it was origanally called Fulton with its own post office.

Sometimes you have to go with what the people call something. Hi deb my mother and i used to deliver th newspapers to your family on Water st. There is no Johns Landing neighborhood that area is all part of the Fulton area and had its own post office. It took on the JL personona because of a developer had money enough to get it designated as such.

Send me an email and we can catch up. Hi Dale, Michael is my husband and he is the one who lived on water st. I guess you learn something every day. I do remember Fulton school and some other things named Fulton. I think it was to make it new and exciting but it was the same old neighborhood. And Honey Baked Ham. Just wondering Ron S. Yes, John Gray named it for the Johns industrial site owner when he developed the area with Storrs architectural firm.

Maybe but the johns landing condos were built on the burnt out jones lumber yard and because of speculation on the run down properties the real estate people marketed it as johns landing. The historic Fulton district was separate from the Fulton park developement up on the heights Fulton was down on the Flats next to all the industrial land and the open sewer they called the Willamette.

It was its own community. Do you remember the Chalet restaurant? Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Driving me crazy! Now I can sleep tonight. Tony and Jerry cooked out of the smallest kitchen in the old house on 13th, and did it so well.

This was quite a special time in life for me already, so my experiences in those places have always held strong meaning and sentiment to me. Nick and Pat behind the bar. To Dave Bosworth. My mom owned the Wooden Horse Restaurant. Russell Angle was the Chef at the time. Doug Willett and I were the cooks on the kitchen line pumping out the burgers and the food. I was also a cook there with Russel Angle, Doug Willett and others. I am trying to place you, but I cannot ATM.

She was neither impress with the resturant nor her date! We has a french menu, made everything from scratch, food was superb and the guests dressed in their finest. Upstairs in the resturant was a room called the Judges chamber, that held private parties limited to Mr Hiliares offices were downstairs, in a beautiful room full of copper item from cooking visits overseas.

He wore always a bow tie and later after his passing his daughter held on for a while and later sold it. They were also known for their speical cheesecake made with cream, butter and cottage cheese amoung other items. Beef strogonoff with a grain rice,bulger wheat was a standout item. A time long a ago but what a grand place it was to work at, and the tips were great and the customers were the cream of Portland, but then a unsnob reality was in place.

People came to relax and enjoy, the food and music and the special bar drinks. Sad to have seen it gone,as we need places that stand out and are that Special place to take that special someone. Thank you for letting me ramble on. I was the broker for Mr Hilary and sold it to Uncle Che. I believe she sued. Colonel Harlan Sanders offered him a franchise for the entire area and Hilaire brushed him off. I was fired from the Encore by Mr. Hilaire himself. My transgression?

Well, Mr. Hilaire said I was putting to much salad dressing on the salad, there by hiding the delicate taste of the lettuce. I heard that somebody was fired — either a bar tender or a waiter — from The Encore because they dusted off the bottles above the bar … it ruined the look… True?? Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Ralph. The Encore had delicious food and was a classy place to go. The coffee shop was a popular meeting place. I often wonder what happened to the chandelier when they tore the place down.

It was fun to read this thread. That was a bit before my time, I guess. Grandpa strove for excellence and beauty the best he could. He was a strong man with definite ideas and was bound to rub some people the wrong way. However, it was his strength and vision that made his business such a success!

She died in Thank you for your lovely tribute and for refreshing my memory! Always a pleasure to visit the old familiar sites with their memories. In my day made the reular rounds from Scotties, to Yaws, to Speck. Aggie was the head hostess as I remember and Vi was one of the waitresses. I believe her name was Marlene — she was my very favorite waitress.

I also spent many evenings having cocktails in the Encore Restaurant. Fantastic memories. My father polished the brass and put it together and helped hang it. I too wonder what happened to it….

I just moved back to Portland and found this blog. Aggie was the hostess. I usually worked upstairs on the terrace running back and forth up and down the stairs all through my shift! I remember Vi also. She is probably the most incredible waitress I have ever met!

I used to have lunch at the coffee shop occasionally when I studied at the Museum Art School under Louis Bunce, whose mural decorates the Portland Airport. At least it did the last time I was there. Nice food and atmosphere. I sure miss the good old days in Portland. You have mentioned that your father did the printing of menus for so many places in those days.

Did any of those materials get saved or are packed away? I have some ideas, if that is the case. Let me know. I was the broker that sold the restaurant to Uncle Chen.. I have such a vague memory of that place…I know it was a favorite of my parents and they always took us to swanky places. When it was being gutted and remodeled, people could go into certain areas and take out walls, bathrooms, pieces of same, and would be charged as we carried it out the doors.

This was in We built our shower to fit the door. Still works. Busy place and lots of fun. I worked at the Town Tavern too. The war was on and a kid could go to work anyplace at any time because all the real men were out getting killed and maimed.

That beautiful library was my home away from home and of course, the Circle and the Rex were homes away from home as well. What was the name of the beauty school you went to above Jolly Joans? I went to one called Pacific School of Beauty on Park in that same area in Broadway and Alder.

We used to enjoy Jolly Jones and its serpentine counter. Bart Woodard, had several places. W Burnside and The one on Burnside featuredPaul Fisher chocolate rum cake. He had bakery concession at FM Stadiumstore. Great burgers. I was only a kid when my parents took me there.

I loved it, only because my name is Bart. He ran it until he died in , and it has closed. The restaurant on the Willamette in Sellwood was The Anchorage. They had a great Friday night seafood buffet.

I remember when a famous piano artist—I believe Hazel Scott—came to town he refused to serve her in his restaurant. That was bad, but of course in that particular era, many businesses did not want black trade. Heartbreaking at best especially that today is Martin Luther King Jr.

Who in the thirties would have guessed? Nice joint and jazz and rock in the bar side. If you do not already know, the entrance was through the gap toothed mouth of a Black railroad porter billboard.

Possibly the best restaurant on the East side at the time. We have an ashtray from the Coon Chicken Inn. Wow, that is hard to hear. It was a special treat to get to go in and buy some chocolate. Thanks for bringing back a flood of great memories! Proud to say I was thrown out of the Top of the Cosmo.

Was there with a small gang of public school teachers and quadriplegics who had hooked up at happy hour somewhere else and decided to go dancing at the TOC. One of the quads got the mic and made a crip power speech. Then we were hustled out the back door. Ah, the good old days! What was the steak place in the train cars on the river side of Macadam? I had two friends who waited tables there. Oh, yeah, and what about the Chocolate Moose, and the tiny prime rib place on the other side of the freeway up toward Pill Hill?

I remember the Chocolate Moose but not exactly where it was. Near downtown. The walls and ceiling were painted black or maybe dark brown and there were flocks of artificial white doves suspended from the ceiling. Miss them both! She was an angel, and we had a lovely dinner entertaining Japanese guests. Victoria Station… Man, you must be ancient to remember those old joints.. What happened to the Barrel Inn? I think they were like a franchise i used to see similar ones around last one i know of is the Cider Mill On Capital hyw.

Polish Princess was the name of the restaurant in the railroad cars in SEvportland near the Willamette River. Polish Princess was in the Ben Franklin building downtown.

Paul Anderson named it after his wife Glenda. Victoria Station was the one in the train cars on Macadam. Ahhh good times. Ah, Jazz de Opus. Best service in town. Also the first time I ever had razor clams. I weep when I drive past that intersection now. What intersection? I forget its exact location but I courted my wife there. We have been married almost 35 years. Charilie pulled out the fire pit, The GM left and I became that person.

Guests were lamenting the loss of the live Jazz format 10 years past nearly every night. I brought the Jazz back to the Opus with some carefully placed phone calls and a few press releases. The format survived for 6 or 8 years afterward. Mesquite broiled steaks, chops and the freshest seafood in HUGE portions with that pasta.

The basement received a semi truck load of New Mexico mesquite every year. We had the greatest collection of autographs in our foyer from folks that came to town.

Quite the array. Entertainers, politicians: you name it. Their autographed publicity glossies lined the entryway to the bar, behind those giant, heavy custom made doors. Sam owned that building and had some rather remarkable custom work done throughout. Another story entirely……. I worked at the original Jazz de Opus in the mid to late 70s.

It was a fabulous place and very intimate jazz concerts. One of my most cherished memories. Being a waitress there was a fabulous job. Any suggestions? Me Too. Lots of stories. Bruno Brinati ran it.

The gang included Vern, Sarge, Connie, the mole, the professor … It was a drive-in but also had a kind of lunch room or grille. Victoria Station must have been a chain, because there was one just like that in the Denver area. I believe Victoria Station was started by some Berkeley students or some such. Dead Victoria Station carcasses still clutter the countryside, at least in the west. We used to dine at the one on Macadam and also in San Francisco. Owner was O B Nagel and his brother, who worked there was named Faber.

The specialized in Rabbit , it was a real hopping place. The Dugout on Burniside was the first time I ever had Pizza. Owners were Al Maida and Rick Schulman. They were noted for fried rabbit. Dick Burns,LaS Vegas. It was a dump I guess, where they broke open loaves of bread and placed them on the counter. Seems to me we still had room for a candy bar or two as well.

Being cheapskates we never paid to ride the streetcars. We just hopped on the platform at the rear door and never once got caught. Ahh…those carefree halcyon days and nights in Old Portland.

A great place to grow up. Bad to the bone. Also up the outside fire escape and yank on the doors, til one popped open.. The Broadway was a little more adventuresome, Had to pull up the sidewalk delivery door, go through the basement, up the stairs and into the movies.

I worked at the top of the cosmo while in high school and What a fun place to have worked especially on News Years Eve what a blast. I miss that and the Dug Out Lounge both were wonderful places to be. Wish they were still there. I worked at the Hoyt Hotel until they closed and have a couple of pieces of memorbelia that I would like to sell. Any suggestions as to someone who would be interested?? Food was wonderful. I used to buy some wonderful imported cheeses there.

The Basket Grocery. The Virginia Cafe. Portland had lots of great places in those days. British Trams Online. Railway stations in Lancashire. Town Green Aughton Park Ormskirk. Lancaster Carnforth Silverdale. Irwell Vale Rawtenstall Preston Riverside. Disused stations. Culture and infrastructure of Blackpool. Blackpool Gazette Radio Wave Council Council elections 03 07 11 Blackpool Central South Shore.

Hidden categories: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from November Articles with permanently dead external links Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Use dmy dates from January Use British English from January Coordinates on Wikidata Articles with OS grid coordinates Pages with no open date in Infobox station All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Wikipedia articles in need of updating from April All Wikipedia articles in need of updating Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons.

Blackpool North railway station entrance. Blackpool England. Northern Trains. DfT category C1. Preston and Wyre Joint Railway. Get an Instant Freight Quote. Location Details. Pickup Location. Delivery Location. Select Type. Package Details all items must be on a pallet if the item is more than 30kilos.

Container Type. Item Description. Do you have your own Container? Is your container rail complaint? Item description.

Total Weight. Add Another Item. Get A Quote. The level crossing was removed and the Kings Road underbridge was built. In the infrastructure came under the ownership part of Railtrack and in , Network Rail. Whilst most railway freight traffic passes through the village, in years past the village generated a small amount of its own business.

The nearby malt kiln was opened in , and the village cattle market used rail transport. The cattle market is long gone and the malt kiln is crumbling away. The station's platform buildings waiting rooms, toilets etc. Arriving and departing personnel could be picked up or dropped off by RAF vans. Australian Don Charlwood , in his memoir, " No Moon Tonight ," writes movingly of standing on the platform with 20 other young men, part of four newly arrived crews for RAF bombers flying night raids on Germany from Elsham Wolds.

While they waited for the van, ". A serious accident occurred near the station in , when one passenger died after a freight and passenger train collided. In a new footbridge complete with ramps was built. The station is unmanned as noted, but has a self-service ticket machine, accepting card payments only, to allow passengers to buy tickets prior to departure or for the collection of pre-paid tickets. Passengers paying by other methods e.

There are waiting shelters on each island platform but no other permanent buildings , along with customer help points, digital information screens and timetable poster boards. Step-free access is available to all platforms via the fully accessible footbridge from the car park and station entrance.

On Saturdays, there are three East Midlands Railway services to Cleethorpes as well as three trains per day between Cleethorpes and Sheffield via Brigg which are operated by Northern Trains.

On Sundays, the TransPennine Express service is two-hourly in the morning but increases to hourly in the afternoon. There are three East Midlands Railway services between Nottingham and Cleethorpes during the summer months only with no service during the winter. Media related to Barnetby railway station at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Railway station in Lincolnshire, England.


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